PC Desktop Repairs

Failing Hard Drive

We have many years of experience in replacing desktop hard drives, from sourcing to fitting and testing.  We have the right solution for you, if it can be fixed we will.

Dead Desktop PC

We are experts at dealing with dead PC Computers, if they can be fixed then we will.  So if your computer doesn't power up or doesn't start correctly then let us have a look to see if it is truly dead, you maybe surprised.


Is your laptop running hot, overheating or running slowly -then we can help.  In most cases its a fairly simple fix, we can provide a strip and service to fix this issue.

Hard Drive Repair

Hard Drive Repair / Replacement

Desktop Computers are great things, fast, vast amounts of storage but they all rely on the hard drive that eventually needs as its getting old, full or starts to develop faults. So we can in the majority of cases recover/clone information from failing drives, so you may never notice any difference in the machine apart from more space and faster speeds.... Well we can help, we source the right hard drivel for your computer at the most cost effective price, we can even help source some of the more hard to find drives.  We have been replacing LED and LCD laptop / notebook panels for many years, we pride ourselves on high quality and good value for money - no matter if you are a home user or a business client.

Dead Desktop Computer ??

If your Desktop Computer isn't powering up or simply isn't booting correctly then we can help diagnose if this is really the end.  We can check the unit over and let you know if it is economical to repair it and if not we will be happy to recover the data, ready to transfer to a new machine.  We have also been able to help with computers that have been deemed by other repair company's to be un-repairable. So what ever the issue, get in touch and let us see if we can help....remember if it can be fixed then we can fix it.

desktop pc repair
Dirty PC Cooler

Desktop PC Computer Overheating, Running Hot or Slowly

Are you finding that either your desktop PC is running slowly, is it getting very hot or is it cutting out because its getting too hot.  Don't despair we can help, most people don't understand that computers need servicing, this includes cleaning the cooling system.  If a computer/laptop gets to hot it can either start running slower than normal or even stop working altogether.  So we carry out a service that includes stripping the unit down, cleaning the cooling vents and fan, but also removing the heat sinks cleaning and re-applying heat sink compound.  So if you are suffering from this issue, get in touch and book you computer/notebook in for a service.

Computer Power Problems

Over time all computers, laptop's, notebooks and mobile devices will develop power issues.  This can be because the power supply stops working or gets damaged. We can replace power supplies (This includes external and internal), charge ports, power connectors, power switches, etc.   So if you are having any of these issues with your Desktop PC, Apple iMac, Laptop, MacBook, etc then please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Computer Repair

PC repair and computer services for Ledbury

We have been provided IT services including computer repair for many years, this can either be done from our workshop or we can come out to you in the Ledbury area.
We are very fair with our pricing and try to work with everyone's budget no matter how big or small it may be and we can often provide fixed price quotes for a risk free experience - this is the reason we have been going so many years.

So whether you have a slow computer, a virus removal, an upgrade or a repair we've got you covered.

So Let us help and work together to find a solution that works for you!

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